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Juan Torres and his family return to the Republic of Gran Chaco, to recover their lives, after the fall of the brutal dictator, General Russo.
The new President of the Republic commissions the first democratic election in the nation, to select the 30 worst criminals who terrorized and looted the Nation under the old dictatorship. The 30 "winners" must survive a night of being hunted where all crimes against them are legal. If they survive, they are free to live the rest of their lives as good citizens.
To his horror, Juan and his family discover that they are somehow on the list and begin a wild night on the run, pursued by vigilantes out for blood...and revenge.
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We love The List, there are references like The Purge but what we like the most is that it delves into the personal dilemmas of each character.
New World Film Festival
Barcelona Spain
Best Feature Film, 2022

Best Feature Film

This feature film is a work of good standard and bases its dramatic plot on a constant consequence of the political conjunctures of changes in power, especially in the Latin American political context; “The List” throughout history has become an instrument of anarchy, revenge, fishing in troubled waters, taking justice into the hands of the people.
Sierra International Film Weekend Festival
La Paz, Bolivia
Best Feature Film, 2021

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